Borneo KratomWe are the largest kratom`s supplier in Indonesia, especially from West Borneo. Kratom thrives in West Borneo. We provide all of various strains  kratom with high quality and 100% guarantee organic. Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa)  leaves are used for a variety of potential medicinal effects, but mainly to manage pain and/or anxiety and alcohol dependence.

The various of Kratom`s called by strains contains are Maeng Da Kratom, Borneo (Hulu Kapuas) Kratom, Sumatera Kratom and Bali Kratom. You can order kratom in the form of powder and crumbs as needed.

The raw materials that we sell are the fresh and healthy leaves with high quality. We have obtained kratom leaves had came from kratom`s farmers who have years of experiences. Our farmers spread over on only in Borneo and Sumatera Island.

Kratom FlowerWe only use fresh and perfect leaves for making flour kratom. The leaves have passed the selection process so as to produce the highest quality kratom. Our flour kratom have just little water content and has been tested in the laboratory. In drying proces, the kratom`s leaves are dried indirectly by sunlight so that make the alkaloid content in kratom remains high.

We are  ready to receive your order within domestic and foreign with fast services. We resign to small scale or big scale orders as well as a lot according to your needed. For strains unlisted on our website, you can contact us directly and we will provide it to you.

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