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Is Kratom Legal in Indonesia? It Has Drugs Effects?

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Kratom leaves are one of the herb plants in Indonesia. The benefits of this leaf can relieve pain, anxiety, and insomnia. This herb plant has the potential to make your health dangerous if it is used carelessly. Kratom is a tropical plant growing in Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. This plant has been used for traditional drugs for society. Is kratom legal in Indonesia? It seems to be interesting to discuss it more.

What Is Kratom? 

Kratom is a herb plant growing in Kalimantan, Indonesia. This leaf often becomes a herb formula to relieve some health problems. This leaf is often processed to be herb tea or a traditional drink. Besides, kratom is available in powder and capsule.

The Content of Kratom Leaves

There will be some benefits of this kratom leaf regardless of the content. The kratom leaves contain at least 40 types of alkaloid substances. Those are 7-hydroxy mitragynine, mitragynine, speciaogynine, paynantheine, mitraphylline, speciocialiatine, antioxidant flavonoid, polyphenol, glycoside, and saponins. Because it contains those substances, kratom is regarded to give some good health benefits for health.

  1. Increasing Your Body Stamina 

Kratom has been used for boosting your stamina and keeping a body condition to stay fresh during doing activities. This benefit is caused by the stimulant effects of the kratom leaves. It doesn’t only boost stamina, the stimulant effect on kratom is to increase awareness, concentration level, and mood booster.

  1. Handling Sleeping Disorder

Some studies show that kratom extract in 10-25 grams dosage can cause a calm effect and stimulate a sleepy effect. Due to the effects, there are many people using kratom to overcome the sleeping disorder. Kratom is not proven safe and beneficial for insomnia medicine. Even, some report cases are claiming that the usage of kratom in long-term periods can cause insomnia.

  1. Relieving Pain 

Kratom is often being a natural pain reliever. The content of alkaloids has analgesic or anti depressant effects. The kratom extract is also to be an alternative drug to relieve serious and chronic pain.

  1. Relieving Anxiety and Depression 

If it is used in a particular dosage, kratom can cause a sedative effect and work as an antidepressant drug. The kratom leaves are regarded to reduce anxiety or depression disorder.

Risks and Side Effects of Kratom 

Though it has some benefits and the potential to be a medicine, kratom leaves may put you in danger and cause side effects if you consume it overdosage. If you don’t use it properly, kratom can cause some of the following effects. What are the effects?

  1. Vomit
  2. Itchy
  3. Dry mouth
  4. Constipation
  5. Often Urinating
  6. Low eating appetite
  7. Dehydration
  8. Insomnia
  9. Seizure

Kratom leaves can also cause some dangerous effects if you don’t consume them properly. In a particular condition, the use of kratom can cause poisonous, heart damage, brain problems, cardiac arrest, coma, and even death. It will cause serious effects when you consume it carelessly.

The use of kratom together with drugs or particular supplements can cause drug interaction effects. Some studies claim that the use of kratom leaves for a long-term period can cause dependency effects. This effect can cause someone dependent on using the kratom. Thus, regarding the risks and benefits, it is wise to avoid consuming kratom carelessly. To be safe, it is better to consult a doctor if you want to consume kratom leaves.

Is Kratom Legal? 

Is kratom legal? It seems to be a question that everyone asks about this leaf. In some countries, it is legal to be herb plants. Even, in the US, the trading of kratom is allowed because it is used to cure some health problems. What about in Indonesia? Though it has effects like drugs, it has no regulations handling the usage of this magical leaf. This kratom is also legal. Indonesian Food And Drug Administration claims that it has no rules and regulations belonging to kratom to be a group of drugs. It belongs to a medicine plant. However, it has been no prohibition to use kratom for traditional medicine since 2004 due to the amazing effects.

Kratom is still legal to plant and trade freely. Even, you can see the trading of kratom online on some e-commerce platforms. Kratom can grow 4 to 16 meters. Kratom has been used in traditional medicine since the 19th century. The consumption of kratom is to be a beneficial herb stimulant to boost your productivity and temptation in working and avoiding tiredness. The kratom can be chewed or brewed like consuming tea. It often becomes a traditional herb for people years ago. For a high dosage, kratom can become an antidepressant with addictive effects. Is kratom legal in Asian countries? In some Southern Asian countries, this leaf is also legal so that you can find it freely on e-commerce or offline trading.

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